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Jadon Barnes

Filmmaker / VFX Artist / Developer / Entrepreneur

The passion I have for filmmaking is monumental. Since the age of five, the miracle and beauty of "movie magic" continues to encourage me to this day.

Originally born in Indiana, I soon moved to Arkansas no more than a year or two later. Growing up I would act like the characters I saw on television, which often got me into trouble. I'd climb things I wasn't supposed to and cause havoc around the house because "Hulk SMASH!" Clearly film influenced me.

Soon after the phase of rambunctious behavior I soon figured out I could create moving pictures with sticky notes. Drawing one frame after the other I could create what was perceived as motion!

Being homeschooled until 5th grade allowed me quite a lot of time on the computer. Little did I know that this would be a major step in my future filmmaking career. As it turns out, my computer had Windows Movie Maker pre-installed! One of the best pieces of editing software out there! Final Cut and Avid need to step up their game if they're planning on competing with this beast.

Stop motion became a beloved habit of mine. Using legos and clay, I’d make animations to put on my YouTube channel. Browsing the Internet, I soon stumbled upon 3D Minecraft animations. I wanted to give this a shot. This finally led to my first official 3D animation! Though it was basic, it opened up a new world of opportunity.

Jumping to today, I’ve learned a wide range of skills from nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Hobbies that assist to my passion include UI/UX design, game and website development, and much more. I've also done work for Apple Music Festival, The Voice, American Music Awards and much more. Now I work to create websites and software for people to use while creating feature films to suffice my filmmaking passion.

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